Sunday, November 27, 2005

Retired fireboat

While passing through Algoma, Wisconsin on a winter day a couple of years back, I noticed a red boat docked in the Ahnapee River near Algoma’s harbor. It turned out to be an old Chicago Fire Department boat, probably on its way to a scrap yard.

This boat is named after Joseph Medill, newspaper editor and mayor of Chicago in the mid-to-late 1800s. The school of journalism at Northwestern University's Chicago campus is also named for Medill.

Even though faded, the red of the fire boat contrasted with the blue of the reflected sky in the river on this bright winter morning. I took quite a few shots of the docked boat from nearly every angle I could.

Click on pictures to enlarge. Photographs © 2005 James Jordan.


Kitty said...

Your photographs are wonderful. Do you exhibit them? I hope so!

James said...

I'm pretty much exhibiting them here on my blog, for the most part, which I guess is good ... more people can see them this way!

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

James that boat, the Joseph Medill is now dry docked in Escanaba, Michigan. I just took photos of it today. It seem so erie to see it there, it's empty stripped out shell is all that remains. I am doing a painting of this boat to bring it back to life.


James said...

Thanks so much for the update on the Joseph Medill. I'd love to see your painting when it's completed!

(I've also been to Escanaba and photographed the Sand Point Lighthouse. It's a very nice park area there.)

Chad said...


Please send if available!
Beautiful shots!

Theresa said...

James, I am just starting my painting of the Medill. I am going to do a history on it and have it matted and framed together. I will let you know when I am done. I am trying to decide which medium to use!

James said...

theresa, I'd love to see it when it's completed. Keep me posted!

David said...

Hello Guys, Love to see the other pictures of the fireboat. Please.
She is a grand old lady for sure.