Sunday, November 13, 2005

A bend in the road

I've been posting lately of the rural areas just beyond the reach of suburbia in the northwest Chicago suburbs, the richness of that area as a source of photographic material and the inevitable encroachment of land developers.

During that time another blogger had been taking to the search engines looking for anything on the intranet that had to do with the same rural area. She had grown up here, and, having moved away some years back, was curious as to what others have to say about the place of her memories. Points of Light was one among a number of blogs that came up in her search results.

This region is rounding a bend in the road as it faces extinction at the hands of land developers. This other blogger has rounded a bend by getting a fresh look at her hometown through the eyes of others. I'm glad to know this blog has been of aid.

McCornack Road at sunset. Photograph © 2005 James Jordan.


Cedar said...

Thank you James.


Humour and last laugh said...

wonderful !

The Elginite said...

It's definitely beautiful country out there. It's the great thing about Elgin. It's on the edge. To the east, you've got Chicagoland and to the west you've got beautiful rolling farmland.