Friday, October 07, 2005

Quebec: Montmorency Falls

East of the city of Quebec, the waters of Montmorency Falls tumble 270 feet from a sheer rock face adjacent to the St. Lawrence River. The falls are 100 feet taller than Niagara (although considerably narrower).

A series of stairs leads to the top of the bluff, affording panoramic views of both the falls and the St. Lawrence. A footbridge over the falls gives visitors a chance to peer over the precipice nearly 30 stories below.

The photo above was taken at 1/2 second at f22 with a polarizer and 81b filter (100 ISO film). This was really pushing the film (Fujicolor Reala) to its limit, since the above exposure in effect rated the film at 25 ISO. Not having a tripod, I braced the camera against a railing to stabilize it for the long exposure.

Click on pictures to enlarge. Photographs © 2005 James Jordan.

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Hillary said...

Oh yay oh yay! This was one of my favourite places when I went to Quebec City. (I'll jsut try to forget about the flasher I saw in the bushes on the other side of the footbridge. Eek.)

The falls are the most spectacular I've seen. You've got a beautiful photo of them.

*sigh* I SO need a digital SLR. I want to learn to take photos like that!