Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Point of Light: Cana Island Lighthouse

Built in 1869, the Cana Island Lighthouse in Door County, Wisconsin remains an active navigational beacon, its 3rd order Fresnel lens still casting its light over Lake Michigan. Built on a small island on the north end of Moonlight Bay, the lighthouse is one of most visited and photographed, painted and drawn structures in Door County.

Hardly a visit to Door County is completed before I spend a morning or sunset on the rocky shore of the island, hoping to catch something special. For whatever reason, this lighthouse presents a challenge and I'm never certain that I will be successful in capturing a compelling image.

Maybe that's what keeps me coming back.

Click on pictures to enlarge. Photographs © 2005 James Jordan.

1 comment:

Jem said...

I do love that first shot. Second really compliments is nicely too!