Monday, October 31, 2005

End of the day

Wispy clouds and ebbing daylight combine to create brushstrokes of pink and purple across the sky after the sunset. I spent some more time this weekend in the open farmland just west of my home on the edge of the Chicago metro region.

My wife was with me as the sun set and the sky began to fade to indigo. Seeking something to silhouette against the pink and purple sky, we turned down several roads, passing numerous barns and a small country church with an adjacent cemetery. Picturesque, but not in the right position. I’ve made mental notes to go back to those at a later time.

We presently turned a corner and saw these trees and power lines against the sky. I stopped the car, and quickly set up my tripod and 70-210mm lens to catch the last bit of daylight.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph copy 2005 James Jordan.


Otto K. said...

Very nice sunset. I love that kind of serendipity in finding just the right shot when you weren't expecting it.

michelle said...

I love the pics on your site...they leave you wanting to be there

mmulibra said...

Nice pics :-)
(my photos collection taken in Japan)

Jeff said...

Those strokes of orange look like God took a paintbrush and dabbed the sky.