Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Canadian idyll

Driving around the coast of the Ile d’Orleans is like taking a trip to the French countryside. Farms, orchards, small eateries and boutiques dot the landscape of this island along with rolling hills and spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River valley. Small towns mark their heritage in centuries, not decades.

Autumn is the time for harvest and the bounty of the harvest is evident this time of year. Dozens of roadside markets offer a variety of produce grown on the island.

Appearing on a photo blog near you ...

A great big thank you to Jem at Shutterjunkie for featuring me as her guest photo blogger today. I've been an admirer of Jem's work since I ran across it shortly after I started Points of Light.

featured @ shutterjunkie

Click on pictures to enlarge. Photographs © 2005, James Jordan.


Jem said...

Thank you for your lovely words James! You're most welcome to be a guesblogger on shutterjunkie anytime :)

kaveh said...

That's so nice :)