Thursday, September 01, 2005

A long walk

High Falls is located on the Pigeon River, which separates Minnesota from Canada, near the town of Grand Portage. The town got its name by being the terminus of an extremely long portage fur trappers had to make around the river’s rapids as it neared Lake Superior.

The trapping parties would come from deep in the Canadian backcountry on the Pigeon River, but had to carry their canoes and tons of pelts the final 20 miles to avoid the swift rapids. Even if they somehow could miss the large rocks in the river, the 100-foot drop of High Falls would have sealed their fate.

In yesterday's post, I made some tongue-in-cheek comments about having to include people in my waterfall shot, which prompted a couple of comments from visitors. I do agree that people can add scale and interest to a photograph, and in yesterday’s photo, it worked quite well. But sometimes I want to capture nature uninterrupted, or at least as much as possible. Here is an example.

Click on photo to enlarge. © 2005 James Jordan.


rob02190 said...

Great pic, I love the way the water is flowing over the rocks.

Ilona said...

That is so beautiful and calming. I love the feel of it.

Brian said...

That water is fantastic! The glowing is great, as is the green in the foliage.