Wednesday, September 28, 2005

10,000 thanks

Sometime today, the hit counter on this blog should pass 10,000. Seemed like a huge number to attain when I started posting photos at the beginning of the summer. Thanks to all of you who have visited this blog, those who have left comments, and those of you who have found Points of Light to be link-worthy.

As I mentioned yesterday, fall is a mellowing-out time for me, and I plan to post a lot of mellow fall photographs in the coming days and weeks.

One more thing, and we’ll go on the honor system here. Check the hit counter at the bottom of the column to the right. If you find you are number 10,000, please leave a comment to let me know. I’d appreciate it.

Cape Hatteras Light, Outer Banks, North Carolina. Photograph © 2005, James Jordan. Posted by Picasa


maria said...

Hi James,

Just found your blog via
Blog Rocket.Sure glad I did.
You have beautiful pictures
here and I can't wait to look at
your mellow fall photographs as
I love the fall.


PhilB said...

Hi James

Just came across your site via Shutterjunkie only to read your comment and discover that I am the 10000th visitor. Congratulations! Will enjoy having a look round.



DaveM said...

Just missed it by 21!!!!!!!!!!!
As I've said before really great pictures and I regular visit to see whats new. Its also interesting to read about the places youv'e visited.
That picture of Chaos brought back memories of my sons bedroom.


Brian said...

very nice beam of light