Sunday, August 28, 2005

The moose is loose

Here in the Chicago suburbs, we're overrun with geese, year-round. Geese in the parks. Geese on the golf courses. Geese in retention ponds. In northern Minnesota they have a different type of traffic hazard. This Moose Area sign was photographed just outside of Grand Marais, Minnesota, about 45 miles from the Canadian border. We never did see any moose while we were there.

Click on photo to enlarge. © 2005 James Jordan Posted by Picasa


Princess Blogonoke said...

Hey, moose will kill you if you're not careful. A moose gang killed my family...with moose guns.

James said...

Here in Chicago, the geese roam around in gangs, too. They're always leaving "signs" that they've been around. But at least they do show the courtesy of honking as you drive by them.

Paula said...

When we were traveling from Anchorage to Homer on my recent mission trip, we saw numerous moose along the road. It was soooo cool. They didn't bother to post signs because it was such a common thing. And they get very close to the road; they show no fear.