Thursday, August 04, 2005

Leaving a mark

The Anderson Boat Dock was a hub of commerce for Door County, Wisconsin in the mid to late 1800s. Sometime after World War II, recreational boaters visiting the dock began to inscribe the names of their boats and the year they docked on the panels of the boat house. Inscriptions cover the four walls of the boat house to the roof line.

I think everyone wants to make a mark on the world and leave something by which to be remembered. Some do so by designing cathedrals, some by writing a name on a wall. The irony is that I’m posting photos and writing about making a mark on the world on my personal blog, which will be seen by about a thousand people this week.

Guess I proved my own point.

Click on photos to enlarge. © 2005 James Jordan

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kristal said...

Love the pictures... Surfing via blog explosion and this is the first site of the day to make me want to comment.

I'll be back!