Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Standing 'O'

Sunsets are somewhat of a spectator sport in Door County, Wisconsin. During the summer, every harbor and park with a view of Green Bay becomes a gathering spot as the end of the day draws near.

The marina in Egg Harbor was no different on this particular evening. I set up my tripod across from a boat slip and fitted my camera with a pack of filters (two 2-stop graduated neutral density filters and a graduated sunset filter, for those of you dying to know) and I waited for the sunset to happen, along with several dozen spectators and two other photographers who came along and decided I had an excellent vantage point and set up their tripods near mine.

As you can see, this sunset did not disappoint. As the sun slipped below the horizon, something happened that I have yet to experience again. The spectators who had gathered broke into applause.

Most, no doubt were applauding the creation. I hoped that some, like me, were applauding the Creator.

Click on photo to enlarge. Copyright 2005 James Jordan Posted by Hello

Something's up at Blogdom of God
Adrian Warnock at Blogdom of God is calling all Christian bloggers to link to this post to let all Godbloggers know that something big will be announced later this week. Seems BOG is poised to do some growing.

The great limiter
My post last Sunday talked about missed potential, illustrated by the general failure of bunchberry plants to pollinate. The Bible has a lot to say about the human counterparts to the bunchberry who miss their full potential due to a little matter called sin. Anti-Itch Meditation has a couple of posts today on the topic.


Daldianus said...

Darn, that's a nice pic!

Walt said...


I'd like to use this pic (egg harbor sunset.jpg) in a post on my blog.


I will of course post your copyright and point back to your blog.