Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Making time stand still

Creating photographs is one way of making time stand still. Or at least it creates the illusion of having done so.

Ever wish you could make time stand still? According to physicist Julian Barbour, it already does. Says Barbour, "... time itself does not exist. If we did not see objects move and things change, we could never say that time passes. Time is nothing but a measure of change." Such a perspective turns conventional physics on its head, and Barbour has spent most of his life rethinking what were thought to be foregone conclusions.

So instead of wishing time to stand still, it would be more accurate to wish that things would never change. Unfortunately for us, that's just as impossible.

In an earlier post I pointed out that although much has been studied about the nature of light, physicists still don't know the mechanism that creates light in the first place.

Maybe they should check out the book of Genesis chapter 1, verse 3.

Photo: Southwest Harbor, Acadia National Park, Maine. Copyright 2005 James Jordan. Click on photo to enlarge. Posted by Hello

If you're in the mood to think about more things that will make your head hurt, Coffee Swirls answers the question, "Can God, who is perfect, create anything less than perfect?"

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Fidget said...

The composition of the picture is great. It gives an overall feeling of symatry though it in fact is not due to the boats. The colors are vibrant and i want to walk that dock and hop a passing boat