Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Fun Photo

It's not everyday you come across a building with a 30-foot walleye piercing the roof and front corner. But every day is not every day in Grand Marais, Minnesota. Guys up there take their hunting and fishing very seriously, and as far as I can tell the Beaver House enjoys a steady, if unspectacular business selling hunting and fishing gear.

Their specialty, besides the giant walleye which seems to have dropped from the sky, is the house brand of fishing lure, called a Beaver Flick. I know what you were thinking. Shame on you. As far as I can tell from the locals and the Beaver House web site, they are quite blissfully unaware in Grand Marais of the double meaning in their signage. Or maybe it's brilliant small town marketing. No matter.

As stated by the proprietors, Beaver Flicks "are proven fish catchers. They have been used locally with outstanding results. Now our problem is to let the rest of the world know about them."

I'm doing my part to let the world know. You can do your part. Link here, then let your friends know about this post.

The world must know.

Click on photo to enlarge (if you dare). Copyright 2005 James Jordan
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Cristie said...

Your photos are beautiful and interesting. I think I have heard of Door County before. I might be crazy, but I am thinking from LaVeryle Spencer, the author? Maybe not, LOL, anyway, I enjoyed the photos.

West Coast Photoworks said...

I really enjoyed the photos and will check back again soon. I also like this post - reminds me of some little fishing spots back in Montana (YellowTail dam and Bozeman). You're right - these people are serious about their bait!