Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fit for a Queen

Early in her reign, Queen Elizabeth II took a whirlwind tour of the outer reaches of her kingdom. Her majesty arrived in Bermuda in November of 1953. One of the places the queen toured was the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. Along the walk up the hill to the lighthouse, she paused to admire the view. This photo gives you an idea of what the Queen saw. I would be pretty certain that she approved of the view. I sure liked it.

Here is a view of the lighthouse itself. You can climb 185 stairs to reach the crow’s nest at the top of the tower. The Queen declined the offer. On my less than royal visit to Bermuda, I went for it. At the top of the stairs, a four-foot tall doorway leads out to the open-air platform, some 360 feet above the ocean below. It’s dizzying. This photo was taken from the crow’s nest in a stiff 20-knot wind by a guy who doesn’t particularly care for high places.

You’re welcome.

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The above historical information is true. Mark D. Roberts today explores what happens when historical fact mixes with fiction.

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