Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Big Picture

My wife and I arrived at Wind Point Lighthouse north of Racine, Wisconsin under cloudy skies. Conditions were not conducive to getting a good photo. But we decided to wait it out to see if the skies might not clear a bit before sunset.

The sun did come out just before it set, which didn't leave a lot of time to set up and get a photo. I had wanted a silhouette of the lighthouse with the sun behind it, but too many clouds remained, creating a dull backdrop. I kept fumbling with different filter combinations to try to salvage the picture, but to no avail.

Then my wife whispered to me, "Look behind you." The most gorgeous display of pink, blue and gold had formed behind me as I had desperately tried to make "Plan A" work. I raced to the other side of the lighthouse to capture it against this providentially supplied backdrop. I’m thankful that my wife literally saw the big picture.

Sometimes we can get so focused on what we think is the solution to a particular problem that we fail to notice the answer that God may be supplying, if we’ll only take some time to look around.

Copyright 2005, James Jordan. Click on photo to enlarge. Posted by Hello


jeff said...

I grew up in Racine and often biked down to this lighthouse on hot summer days when the wind was off the lake. How refreshing that spot always seemed to me. I also remember it reeked of rotting fish, but otherwise it's a great spot. Very nice picture. Thanks for linking to the Anti-itch Meditation. I have linked to you as well. You've got great talent.

James said...

I've been to Wind Point four or five times and have always come back with good photographs. It's a good thing that smell cannot be transmitted via photographs. Most lighthouses have a distinctive aroma about them.

Thanks for your kind words.