Monday, March 20, 2006

Close to home #2: Jelke's Creek

Jelke's Creek meanders for several miles through woods, farm fields and subdivisions near my home. This is the second in a whirlwind series of photos taken in three locations in a little more than an hour this past weekend.

This is a photo of the promise of spring. Young shoots have emerged from the muddy bank of the creek. On the other shore, blades of new grass have emerged through the thatch, the first hints of green emerging on the sun-dappled bank.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Jack said...

That's a nice one, James. I love rivers. You appear to have lost all your snow? We still have much to melt -- and it's not going to happen any too soon.

James said...

Jack, the snow here is gone, although that can change quickly. Spring is making its first tentative appearance here.

Empress Baggie said...


Jelke said...

Can't help but leave a comment, eventhough the post is several months old. During a conversation with a collegue, once again we talked about names. Trying to find out more about me, and my name on the internet I googled it up. This picture popped up. Never knew there was a creek with my name :) Thanks for the lovely picture, and if you've got more, i'd love for you to send them to me (! Thanks a lot, greets from Jelke (The Netherlands)